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Book of the Month - October 2022

Yes, I know it's November. However, it's never too late to celebrate great things is it?

Last month I was blessed to discover Unforgettable Notes

The wonderful Clare Harris, an educational writer (M.Ed.) sent me a wonderful selection of her large print 'memory-jogging', poetry anthology and activity books which I will be reviewing in this section of the blog.

The first of these is the Illustrated NATURE POETRY, An Anthology.

I love the way this book has been designed, it contains a selection of classic British nature. These, well known and loved poems, are accompanied by beautiful photographs to go with them.

The poetry included is short (one page) and large print, to enable more people to be able to read independently.

This book would make a wonderful Christmas gift for individuals who enjoy reading, nature, poetry and/or photography.

It's a great book to spark ideas for activities too - just add your imagination.

The book is available from Amazon here


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