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Book of the Month - March 2022

Activity Handbook: All you want to know but were afraid to ask - by Alison Moore

This morning I spent time in my conservatory reading this fantastic little book. Written for UK Activity Coordinators, but equally valuable to others around the world and care staff in general, this book will be a welcome addition to the Activity Coordinator's bookshelf.

Alison 'gets it' she is an experienced Activity Coordinator and an author, so you get great value with this edition. She aims to get you really thinking about person-centred activities and care and explains this through easy to understand examples.

I love that Alison has included reminders that working at home (unless you are getting paid for it) is a no-no, something that I totally agree with.

This handbook is full of useful information around keeping the required records (Alison is firmly in the 'If it's not written down, it didn't happen' camp) for making the job easier for you, as well as for CQC inspections. There are examples and templates in the book too.

Alison explains how she overcame her fears when she first started her role and has some great tips for you to make a success in your role - and a huge difference to the people you are supporting.

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