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Armchair Travel

Planning a holiday, looking back through photographs taken on holidays in the past and watching a program on television about an historic town; we all enjoy armchair travel.

When you include similar occupations in your planning for residential care activities it can help to make your ideas more natural.

There are lots of calendar days that lend themselves to themed events and activities based on places, near and far, at home and abroad. This week alone includes Burns Night, with lots of inspiration for Scottish links. Poetry, Haggis, Tartan and the Bagpipes will feature heavily in care homes today.

Tomorrow is Australia Day, this may spark conversations about the weather (quite different to our icy winds of late), many residents might also have relatives that live in Australia - it will be very interesting to talk about why they moved away. Have your residents ever visited? Do they have photographs to share?

There are many more opportunities to 'visit' places in the UK and to discuss Worldwide Travel throughout the year. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for Armchair Travel Activities join our Membership and gain access to our Members Only pages.


It's very helpful to have a map when you share conversations about holiday travel, business trips or countries that hold special meaning for individuals. When cities, towns, islands, and nations are discussed scratch those areas off the golden surface of the map. You can also use strings and pins to link these places with photographs and/or names of the individuals for whom they hold significance.

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