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April: National Pet Month

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Every care home has the opportunity to adopt a 'pet' of some kind or another.


Some care homes do, in fact, enable residents to move in with their beloved pet(s). These range from cats and dogs to caged birds and other small caged animals.

They are often hard to find and not everyone will be fortunate enough to bring their pets with them.

Other homes support visits from pets who have moved in with other family members or with friends. These visits are really valuable for keeping the connection between pet and owner (although may prove to be too stressful for one or the other, or both)

A growing number of homes have pets living in. Cats, dogs, fish and hens are all popular.

And visits from animal therapy providers, unusual animals and occassional farm animals are all popular with the care home teams.

For those who are unable to have animals in the home, look to the garden. Wild birds can become regular, recognisable, visitors if you continue to feed them regularly, You might also see squirrels, foxes, and deer, depending on where your home is sited.

Encourage residents to look out for these visitors and to get involved with the care they need. Feeding, putting out water, cleaning feeding stations, etc are all great activities to get involved in.

Download this 10 page Bird Booklet a mix of activities and and pages of interest for those with an interest in garden birds. (mixed levels).

Bird Activity Booklet
Download PDF • 23.87MB


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