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Activity Handbook

Activity Coordinators (ACs) are expected to do so much in the care home that they often don't know where to start. The Bright Copper Kettles activity handbook, "Polly, put the kettle on!", will help ACs to understand what 'starting with the person you are caring for' actually means. Person-centred-care has become an overused phrase that has, in many cases, lost its true meaning. 'Polly, put the kettle on!' will address this and much more.

With this training package ACs will be guided through how to make the simple everyday activities (Activities of Daily Living) more meaningful.

'Polly, put the kettle on!' is a back to basics training package and handbook for Activity Coordinators and Lifestyle Support Workers.

  • Looking at Hygge (the Danish culture of well-being and comfort) for inspiration and introducing elements of fun to the 'every day' will extend to the importance of group activities, including music, exercise and games.

  • The importance of reminiscing and how to use the tools available to encourage conversation and personal lifestory records.

  • Using the environment (both indoors and out) to add a sense of comfort or adventure according to the moods of individual residents, ACs will learn how to create a thematic space as well as making use of their local community, right through to planning a day out.

  • Including how to use Social Media and Local Media to showcase their home(s) and attract more visitors, volunteers and potential customers, how to be the perfect hostess and how to involve other staff members, volunteers and family members complete the package.

Activity Coordinators should not be afraid to slow down to match the pace of the people they are supporting, they are often labelled as 'lazy' when sitting with a resident sharing a cup of tea and swapping stories. They should not be made to feel that this is not an activity. January is hot tea month so it seems perfect timing to launch this project today. Equally, the Activity Coordinator should embrace any opportunity to 'think outside the box' and encourage older people to fulfill their dreams, whatever they may be. 'Polly, put the kettle on!' will empower the Activity Coordinator to improve the lives of older people, including those with dementia, living in care homes today.

The handbook will be dedicated to my own grandparents who have inspired me to 'make waves'. If you would like to add a dedication to someone you care about, you have the opportunity to do just that on my Crowdfunder Project. Visit my project by clicking here

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