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I sit, I wait, and I wonder

Today we have a poem written by Michael Butler, Activities Coordinator at Barchester Healthcare's Hollyfields Care home in Kidderminster.

Bright Copper Kettles blog, activities coordinator, poet Michael Butler.
Michael Butler, Activities Coordinator. Hollyfields Care Home, Barchester Healthcare.

I sit, I wait, and I wonder.

Things feel different, something's not right.

The streets are quieter, and my neighbours are gone.

I hear no children playing and no cars passing by.

What was once a hive of activity with memories so clear,

is now a pocket of emptiness, of dread and of fear.

My days seem longer with nothing to fill,

I don’t seem to remember if I have taken my pill.

My friends I don’t see them, where have they gone?

My lunch sits beside me of which I’ve had none.

My phone rings no longer, it is like times standing still,

but what can I do with so much time to kill?

Shopping I need as I don’t have much in,

but it is almost impossible, my patience wearing thin.

No loo roll or pasta no eggs and no flour,

why are they shopping at this ungodly hour?

It’s hard not knowing what tomorrow will bring

whether or not my phone's going to ring.

But I ask you this, what will you miss

when tomorrow comes and it’s just like this.

Covid19, a terrible virus

but the community came and sat right beside us.

Social distancing and isolation are no great fun

but it makes me think of the things I had done.

My phone rings daily sometimes twice,

as I sat and watch repeats of Miami Vice.

My friends were there, they came, and they saw me,

via social media and a cup of virtual tea.

Letters galore came through the door

by a postie dressed like I’ve never seen before.

The letters were from you, them and the others,

the community came together, the sons, sisters and mothers.

It is times like these when you just know,

that love, fun and laughter will always flow.

So many people from so many places,

doing silly things to put smiles on faces.

Singing & Clapping, Rainbows and Cheers

helped me daily to avoid those fears.

The Hero’s came and stood up to the plate,

the carers, the doctors, the nurses, my mate.

So many people doing the things that matter

and still finding time for a friendly natter.

Let us take a minute, step back and reflect,

it’s an illness, a virus, not a form of neglect.

So many lives taken though something so cruel,

so come on people remember the rules.

It’s a 2-metre distance that’s been put in place

to stop you from coughing right in my face.

Be thoughtful, be kind and think of what matters,

together we will beat this with the world not in tatters.

I sit, I wait, and I wonder,

Things feel different, something feels right.

It’s been a few months now and I’ve had not a fright.

What I feared was not true, and none of it real,

my friends are all with me and I have eaten my meal.

by Michael Butler

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