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This year Bright Copper Kettles is proud to sponsor World Wide Knit in Public Week.

This project, which began in 2005, is open to everyone in every community, young and old. It is a chance to get together with like minded people and join them armed with balls of wool and knitting needles or crochet hooks.

Bright Copper Kettles aims to support older people to stay involved in their local community. Find your local WWKIP event and support your residents, neighbours, grandparents and parents to attend. (See link below).

For those that can't knit or crochet, making pom-poms that can be used for knitting projects is a good way for them to feel involved and included. Others might prefer to sew knitted squares together to create blankets.

In addition to becoming a sponsor we have a page of inspiration and information to help you celebrate the day.

This is open for anyone to access.

You can access the page by clicking the image on our

'Let's Plan... June' page

Tweet us on @BCKuk or @ActivitiesChat with your plans #WWKIP

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