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World Rock Against Dementia 19 March 2016

The World Rocks Against Dementia (WRAD) day will be an international event on the same day being held in many countries around the world.

Its the FIRST EVER of its kind and, we are hoping, something that will become an Annual Global event with the Help of Alzheimer's Disease International and CEO Marc Wortman who is also organizing events this year, as well as many other dementia charities and care companies across the UK and the world.

To commemorate this wonderful day The Number One, Chart Topping, Plymouth Military Wives will be performing at our event in Torquay, the birthplace of WRAD, at the English Rivera Centre at 2pm prompt on the day. They have agreed to perform a song I have written about dementia This premier performance will take place "LIVE" in front of ALL at the English Rivera centre on the day. It will also be available to download globally from that day. The music has been written by the incredibly Talented Musical Director of the Plymouth Military Wives, Rob Young. As you can imagine something like this has never been attempted before and we are hoping it will possibly be the world's biggest dementia awareness raising event ever known.

You are invited to take part in WRAD

We are asking all, no matter where in the world you live, to hold an event which includes any type of music, (Not just Rock) and spread awareness of this awful disease whilst doing so.

The beauty of this event is no matter where in the world you hold your event, any monies you may raise because of this, we want you to keep it local to where YOU are and spend it on whatever dementia charities you want to.

It could be a local memory cafe near you? or you may want to start your own memory cafe? or a care home near you? It doesn't matter, we want all the money you raise to be spent how you want to spend it and in your area as we will be doing the same here in Torbay.

Please watch the video with ” Henry ”, which is only six minutes long, and watch the transformation as he listens to music and comes alive!!

This is why here, in Torbay we have formed group called P.A.M.S ” Purple Angel Music Society, and this is how it was born.

So please, hold a music event near you, be it Rock, classical, R+B, Soul, Blues, or even RAP !! Tell us where it is and we will tell everybody about it.

This could possibly be the biggest dementia awareness raising event the WORLD has ever seen!!

We would love you to be part of it !! please write to me at

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