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Why do I make my dementia gifts?

I like to remember that before he got vascular dementia, Dad was head of my family and had responsibility for all of us, I hated that dementia had robbed him of that. I try and make goods that will be useful and helpful but still have an adult look to them. The Scrunchys are made of ripstop, not only is this for strength but also to give a nice sporty look to make them as dignified as possible.

I was passionate that Dad was always Dad and not somebody who had dementia. I tried hard to keep him included in family activities but as dementia took hold it became more difficult. The 'Noughts n Crosses' cushion proved itself very well there. We could all take our turns to play with Dad and make new cherished memories along the way. When we weren't there Dad would cuddle it and get comfort from it that way and it sat in his chair at night for him to see. When Dad died, that cushion then became a precious keepsake in it's own right.

None of us would forget him on his special days, we never had and never would, but what do you buy someone with dementia that they can enjoy? I like to think all my gifts would make lovely meaningful presents for these occasions and that they can in themselves create the new and precious memories we would all come to hang onto.

I often use my own printed fabrics showing adverts and products of an era they feel comfortable in.

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