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Volunteers' Week

Today is the start to Volunteers' Week, for those of us that are still trying to catch up on what day of the week it is having lost Monday to the weekend, it probably doesn't matter that it starts on a Thursday....

From today until the 7th June we are celebrating volunteers everywhere. If you have volunteers in your workplace this is your opportunity to let them know how much you appreciate them! - a bunch of flowers, a small of box of chocolates, a 'Thank you' card or a banner in your reception area, however you choose to thank them make it obvious.

Contact your local media hounds and go public, the more you shout out that it's Volunteer Week, the more volunteers will be thanked.

We'd like to hear about your volunteers too, so drop us an email, send us a photo, Tweet us @BCKuk and tell us what your volunteers do for you. We will feature all of your volunteers on our media splurge this week and in our blog at the end of the week.

Who will be our #BCKFavouriteThings?

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