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United - Book of the month July

United written by Gina Awad and illustrated by Tony Husband

Don't be fooled by the size of this book! It may look small but Gina has packed so much information and insight about living with dementia into it.

Using a collection of stories shared with her, from those caring for loved ones, Gina has managed to cover moments of frustration and worry, through to the discoveries of what having dementia can mean for the individual and how their families and loved ones can help them with love and understanding.

Through these tiny tales, wonderfully illustrated by Tony Husband, we learn how different dementias present and how dementia can affect anyone of any age. We learn about how family life and friendships can change - through the difficulties and shared enjoyment.

Don't miss reading the fantastic forward by Sir Malcolm Walker CBE, who also includes some useful information, along with his praise for Gina and Tony for this book.

Gina has also added some resources at the end of the book which families and carers will find extremely useful.

This is a wonderful book and such a pleasure to read - thank you Gina!


You can order your copy from Amazon when you click HERE

- this helps Bright Copper Kettles CIC with important work supporting care home activities

Books sent to me for review are donated to my local library

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