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UK Blog Awards ™   2016

How exciting...

2016 is off to a great start with in the running for two great blog awards.

Health & Social Care blog of the year 2016


Most Innovative blog of the year 2016

  • Thank you to all of the bloggers that wrote for us during our first year, in 2015.

The UK Blog Awards ™ are the only Blog Awards recognising a multitude of industry professional talent across the UK.

The UK Blog Awards ™ provide a unique opportunity for individual professionals from their sector and organisations to be recognised for their social media achievements through blogging.

The awards provide recognition, with a chance to network and be inspired by other industry bloggers and connect with brands.

It would be fantastic to reach the finals in either or both of the categories for which we have be nominated.

Our collaborative blog includes articles from a variety of people and companies who provide services for older people, including those with dementia, and/or those who care for them.

Thank you to all of the bloggers that wrote for us during our first year, in 2015.

The blog aims to bring as many people under the umbrella of Bright Copper Kettles to enable those who need them to find these services more easily. Blogs have been selected from individuals who care, create products, provide services and/or have dementia themselves.

When you vote for Bright Copper Kettles you help to spread the news about the variety of services available to support and improve the lifestyles of people with dementia. Please take a moment each day to vote for us.

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