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Today is the last day of our Summer Sale.

Yes, it's your last chance to pop over to our online store and bag yourself a fantastic Membership Pack with 20% discount.

Grow your confidence as an Activity Coordinator, or Lifestyle Manager, in the know.

As a Bright Copper Kettles Member, you will be able to attend staff meetings full of ideas for activities planning, including outings and PR campaigns. 

Impress your manager with your knowledge of upcoming dates and your ideas for celebrating them. 

Demonstrate that you know how to involve the wider community in your planning with new and exciting ideas, to include past experiences of current residents, their families and friends, and intergenerational activities.

Plan activities that will be enjoyed by everyone involved.

Attract the interests of the local press for great PR stories.

Membership packs include an enamel badge and Membership Certificate, so you can show visitors, including CQC, that you take your job seriously and you are committed to providing the very best social and personal experiences.

Bright Copper Kettles Member Pages include inspiration and information for future planning, whether you are looking for ideas for new activities or just want to add a little more to your own ideas.

Packed with themed activities for special calendar days, including:

Nutrition and hydration ideas

Musical links 

Film suggestions

Word games

Reminiscence engagement

Hobbies and interests

Other useful websites

Find more information about dementia and making the every-day activities special, or just  a more easily achievable for each individual you care for. 

There's also lots of ideas for fundraising, whether for your Resident's Activity Funds, a local cause, or National Charity. 

Our bright, easy to use Calendar, Group Activities and Themed Activities pages are brilliant for involving residents in your planning too.  

They will find ideas for their own clubs, to run in-house. As well as suggested activities for regular meetings such as for a 'Chocolate Club', 'Fruity Fridays' and 'Monday Matinee'. 

The website is added to, with new inspirational ideas, each week. So you and your residents will always find something different to explore. 

Click SHOP NOW to join 

Voucher code: SUMMER17 

Claim your 20% discount 

Offer end today. 

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