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Reminiscence: A car journey

I remember going for lots of car journeys with my grandparents when I was a child. These outings would follow a quiet cup of tea and my favourite biscuits. I really enjoyed eating Custard Creams and Bourbons, I loved to split them in half, eat the plain biscuit and then scrape all of the cream to one end of the remaining biscuit and save that bit 'til last. I also enjoyed the fact that my grandmother would get cross at my grandfather because he always asked me if I would like a couple of dog biscuits to go with my Custard Creams. This was his reference to the Bourbons and you have to admit it - they do look a bit like dog biscuits. Once we had finished the tea and biscuits my grandmother would wash-up and I would dry the cups and saucers, apostle tea-spoons and small plates.

Then, my grandmother would suddenly announce "Come on let's go for a little drive!" and we would put on our coats (if needed) and shoes and go out to the car.

My grandfather would drive the car whilst my grandmother 'suggested' places he should drive to. We drove through the countryside remarking on the sheep, cows and or horses seen on the way.

We drove to a local ford just to drive through the water and see the ducks. Sometimes we took bread and would stop a while to feed them if the weather was nice.

We drove through local towns to see the shops and my grandmother would notice that one shop had closed and another opened in its place.

We drove through villages where my grandmother would point to houses and tell the family history of the person who lived there.

This past-time was shared by many car owners, in the time when not many people owned a car it was a pleasure to 'go for a little drive', driving slowly to really see a point of interest, hence the phrase 'Sunday Drivers'. Sometimes we would stop completely whilst my grandmother gave a short history lesson or my grandfather would give a short lecture on nature.

Take a break - go for a 'little drive' with one or two of your residents this week. You will open up a whole new topic of conversation.

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