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Red Lippy Day 2019 for Dementia UK – 3rd May 2019

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Jules Osmany started ‘Red Lippy Day’ 5 years ago, in a desperate attempt to do ‘something’ when her glamorous Mum, Gloria, succumbed to Vascular Dementia, seeing her vivacious Mother deteriorate rapidly and nothing that can be done has been heart-breaking to witness, as it is for thousands of families and sadly that numbers are increasing annually.

The last conversation Jules had with her Mum was in 2013 when she asked if she would like any shopping, Gloria replied ‘Yes can you buy a red lipstick’, this was her signature accessory since she was a teenager, it also gave Jules hope that her Mum was getting better, but sadly this was one of the last lucid moments, and after a series of devastating mini strokes, Gloria was bed bound for 6 years, blind, and desperately thin in appearance and without any communication she lay in an unresponsive state until she eventually passed away in July 2018.

Dementia is not just a case of forgetting where you’ve put things, or not recalling names and family members, it’s a devastating condition that many have to endure and families have to witness until the ultimate end, there is no cure, there is no positive outcome of this degenerative condition, we ask people are made aware how devastating this is for all concerned.

Red Lippy day is a fun day, that we hope makes people realise that the wearing of a bright lip colour was indicative of good times, getting ready to go to weekly dances, following film stars of the day, going out with friends, when youth and vitality were at a peak and not the sad circumstances we all see our loved ones in now, usually at the end of their lives but very sadly some who are so much younger.

We ask everyone wear red lipstick and explain why, take a selfie with #redlippyday and post to all social media on Friday May 3rd and donate.

Thank you for your support.

In support of this campaign to raise awareness and funding for Dementia UK we have added some free downloads in our 'Let's plan May Activities' course - free previews

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