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Poetry Prize Draw

Bright Copper Kettles

Celebrates National Poetry Day

Planning to celebrate National Poetry Day on 6th October is a great way to promote a Poetry Reading group where people can share poetry with each other.

We'd love to hear some of your residents reading or reciting their favourite poems and you can enter them for our free prize draw with your recording of your resident reading their chosen poem (audio or video).

Please ensure that you get their permission to record them

You must also get their permission to share/publish the recording from the person reading the poem and your place of work.

Send the recording to us with your resident's name, your name and place of work.

Entries must be received by 30th October 2016. We will then share the recordings on this page throughout October to celebrate National Poetry Day

All entrants will be entered into a prize draw and the winner will be sent this beautiful book of poetry,

Tiny Caring Gestures* written by Jan Millward.

Visit Jan's new website

*Jan Millward has very kindly donated a copy of her book for the winner.

For more ideas for Poetry Day activities visit

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