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Nothing about us, without us!

Christine Bryden's latest book is due to be published on 21 September 2015. I can't wait. This book promises a provocative look at the ways Christine has challenged the perseption of dementia and demanded that people with dementia are involved in their own care planning. Christine was diagnosed with dementia in 1995 aged 46. Not accepting the prognosis given to her at that time is what inspired her to speak out against the stigma and discrimination directed at people with a dementia diagnosis and she has been an advocate for dementia for 20 years.

Those that have reviewed this book are singing high praises indeed and it looks to be a publication which will teach us all so much more than we have learned already.

'Nothing About Us, Without Us! demonstrates powerfully that persons with dementia remain persons in the most fundamentally important ways. Christine Bryden, living with dementia for two decades, expertly teaches what helps and what hinders people diagnosed and communicates beautifully why the Golden Rule should be applied regardless of one's medical condition. The book will educate people with dementia, care partners, lay people, and professionals.' - Steven R. Sabat, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Georgetown University, author of ‘The Experience of Alzheimer’s Disease’ and co-editor of ‘Dementia: Mind, Meaning, and the Person’

You can read more about the book here

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