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I love Action for Happiness and, in particular, the calendars that they produce each month. After a rather challenging #OptimisticOctober I'm determined to make the most of #NewThingsNovember and I hope you will come along for the ride.

Download your copy here

Our platform provider is brilliant, constantly building new apps that really excite us at Bright Copper Kettles CIC. However, they released so many new apps last month that (what with everything else going on in my life) I totally failed to keep on top of them all.

Have you ever pressed a button that got you excited and totally ready for #OptimisticOctober and then realised that you should have done a whole lot more background work before you pressed it? Well that was me last month. I'm so sorry if you received notifications for changes only to find some really uninteresting posts! I am working hard to ensure that everything is updated as soon as possible - I have such a busy month ahead of me!

I couldn't wait to share this new #blog app with you, it is part of the new service and I know that it is going to be great for our members.

Please join our community membership as part of your #NewThingsNovember journey.

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