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Musical Moments - Mel's story

Mel is a singer who joined the Musical Moments team in 2015. Mel delivers music sessions in the East Cheshire and West Cheshire regions. She has a first class honors degree in Performing Arts and Music, an MA in Psychology of Music and a PGCE in secondary music teaching.

For the past seven years she has worked running choirs, including community choirs, children’s choirs, choral societies and choirs for health. She teaches singing to both children and adults and does the odd concert as a singer herself. Before beginning her musical career, she taught English abroad.

When she’s not singing or running choirs, Mel loves walking her dog Nanook, a scruffy lurcher.

Last Saturday she did something completely different. We are so pleased to be able to share her story with you on our blog page, we're not going to wait until Monday to publish it.

"I'm writing this with aching legs but with a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Last Saturday I climbed Ben Nevis, over night, for the Alzheimer's Society. I came across this challenge when the staff at Musical Moments (a company specialising in providing music sessions in care homes) were thinking about our annual fundraising event. I hoped that by doing it in 'summer' that the weather would be reasonable. However, how wrong was I! From about 12am it started to rain, gradually getting heavier. Add to that howling wind, mist and darkness and you will have some idea of the experience.

I wouldn't, however, have changed it. There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie on the mountain, supportive guides and great food cooked for us on our return. The best bit however was as a group we raised approximately £74000 for the Alzheimer's Society. Such a worthwhile cause in my opinion. My only dilemma now is thinking what to do for my next challenge!”

Congratulations Mel, Well done! and good luck with reaching your fundraising target.

You can help Mel reach her fundraising target of £500 with a donation on her Just Giving page.

Click HERE.

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