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Life Lessons from Inspirational Older People

At the end of last year Age UK asked some of the most inspirational people they could find, what, upon reflection, their life lesson would be in order to live life to its fullest. They also spoke to organisations and inspirational people who work with older people, to ask them about what they had learned from working closely with them.

Original article: was first published December 2015.

I have pleasure in featuring excerpts from this article over the next few week for #MondayMotivation

Sue Kreitzman

Sue Kreitzman is a successful food writer and broadcaster turned artist and curator. For many years, Sue’s career was in publishing best-selling cookbooks until, sixteen years ago, she began to channel her passion for writing into her love of art, combining both to create her delightfully unique designs. Upon editing her 27th book, Sue picked up a marker pen and drew a mermaid, and the rest is history!

See more of Sue’s fabulous art on her website, or watch this great interview with her here.

What advice would you give your younger self?

The things that make you unique, the things your mother wants to change about you, the things that make you so different from those you go to school with, are the very things that will bring you success, happiness and a

modicum of real fame. The things that will make a difference to the world. The things that will give you a richly textured and deeply happy life.

You are not weird, you are actually quite special. Keep it up, do not swerve from your ideals, not despair!

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