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Langdale Care Homes Group Campaign for World Alzheimer’s Month – Langdale Voices For Dementia

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

As part of their support for #WorldAlzheimersMonth – The Langdales Care Homes Group of Homes have started a lovely series named “Langdale Voices For Dementia”.

The theme this year is Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s.

The key point is a special focus on post-diagnosis support.

What does “post-diagnosis support" mean?

This means that comprehensive support must be provided to people with a

dementia diagnosis – which includes medical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

The heroes (and sheroes) that care for those living with dementia – are the best voices as they are directly responsible for the medical, emotional and social wellbeing for those living with dementia.

They are the key providers of support and The Langdale Group is recognizing the voices of their amazing staff by asking two key questions;

  • Can you give us one practical example of how you tailor your care for a resident living with dementia?

  • What do you want the world to know about living with dementia?

Here's how Amaan Sadiq, Junior Director, Langdale Care Homes Group responded to these questions.

It’s nice to hear from the actual care-givers whose compassion and caring make all the difference. They have posted lovely videos on their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. During World Alzheimer’s Month, it’s important to remember how much #careactivitiesmatter in supporting the well-being and emotional needs for those living with dementia.

We'll be sharing more with you during the rest of the month.

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