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Family newspapers every week for older adults living in a care home

Monday has become a special day for the residents of a care home near Coventry.

Every week, they receive a family magazine in paper mail filled with nice pictures and kind messages from their loved ones. This new means of communication has been developed in France to help families communicate across generations, especially when grandparents are not very familiar with digital devices.

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog; Famileo – digitally edited family newspapers
Thomas Letourneur, Director Famileo UK

A family communication tool with a paper version for older adults

Back in 2013 Famileo co-founder Tanguy de Gélis had trouble keeping in touch with his grandmother living in a care home.

During a visit, he realized the tablet he offered her did not really solved the problem because she never used it.

However, he found old postcards and paper letters all over the room.

This is when the idea of the Famileo Gazette started.

Famileo – digitally edited family newspapers printed out for their recipients

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog: Teenagers take photos with their phones which they can add to the family newsletter for grandparents.
Teenagers, use their mobile phones to take fun snaps!

From a mobile or a computer, children and grandchildren post pictures and messages for their grandparents.

Then a family newspaper is edited and printed out for them.

What makes the success of the Gazettes is that every person can use it in the way they are comfortable with.

  • A solution designed to better include grandparents in the family conversation, especially when they’re not familiar with new technologies.

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog: Grandmother keeps up with the family news via Famileo, printed newsletter.
Keeping up with the family news via Famileo

Our habits on social medias change quickly and as we connect with more and more people we are less and less inclined to publicly share pictures of our daily life for our family to follow what we are up to.

Thus, Famileo is similar to a Family private WhatsApp feed but with the very unique advantage to layout a nicely presented paper gazette from the posted content to keep those who have not embraced new technologies in the loop.

  • Famileo already enjoyed in 1700+ European Care Homes

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog: Michel Barbe is pleased with Famileo newspaper results in his care home.
Michel Barbe, Care Home Manager

Famileo was developed in 2014 in collaboration with geriatricians and elderly care specialist. Today, more than 1700 care homes use Famileo in French, English, Spanish and Dutch. Every week, hundreds of thousands family messages are delivered via the Gazette.

Care home manager, Michel Barbe explained, "Famileo meets the needs of families in a handy way. The family newspaper helps communication between different generations. This is a real pleasure for us as well to discuss with our residents about their family life." he said.

  • The English version of Famileo is now available

Already 100,000 grandparents receive their Famileo Gazette. This newspaper brings them joy and makes them feel closer to their loved ones. Why not trying this with your residents and their families? Famileo is a turnkey solution that can be implemented in any care home. Contact for a trial.

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