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Covid-19 vaccine rollout at Country Court Care and Nursing Homes

Staff and residents at all thirty- three Country Court Care & Nursing Homes are delighted to have received their first Covid-19 vaccinations. The vaccination rollout at care and nursing homes began in early January and has now continued across the country, with all staff and residents who consented and were able to receive the vaccine benefiting from their first jab.

Our residents were very excited to receive their vaccinations,” said Natalie White, Home Manager at Rose Lodge Care Home. “It was a big day for us here, and very emotional. We hope that it marked the beginning of the end of a long and difficult time. Our residents have been stoical throughout the pandemic but are now very keen to see their families and get out and about again”.

Over two thousand staff and fifteen hundred residents have been offered the vaccination against Covid-19. The majority of residents and staff received the Oxford Astra-Zeneca jab administered by staff from the local GP Practice working with each care home. In some areas, staff were invited to attend their local hospital hub to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination.

Home Managers across the Country Court group were keen to praise the professionalism of the Care Practitioners and GP surgery staff who attended their homes. In larger care homes, teams vaccinated over two hundred people in one day.

We are very pleased that all our staff and residents have been offered the first dose of the vaccination,” said Alykhan Kachra, Co-CEO at Country Court. “There were celebrations in many of our care homes as people finally felt able to look forward to a time when visitors will return to our homes. The vaccinations will bring a great deal of peace of mind for our residents, staff and their families”.

Country Court Care and Nursing Homes provide person-centred 24-hour care and support alongside meaningful daily activities and nutritious home-cooked food.

With many elderly people feeling the impact of lack of companionship as they continue to be cut off from the support of family and friends during the lockdown, care homes provide vital companionship and support.

The rollout of the vaccinations will give people the confidence to consider moving to a care home, either permanently or for a short respite stay whilst shielding during the lockdown.

For more information about Country Court Care and Nursing Homes call 01733 571951 or email

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