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Clocks for Dementia

When sleep patterns and daily routines become disturbed because of a Dementia, and the times of the day become difficult to distinguish, it’s suddenly quite easy to become confused as to whether it is 5am or 5pm. Look out of the window and they look just the same – so a little assistance can go a long way.

The Find analogue Day clock has a very clear, traditional, high-contrast analogue face that is easy to read, but critically it has the addition of a graphic display which clearly illustrates whether it is day time or night time. The graphic is very clear and easy to understand and specifically has avoided the use of any text in the display which can cause confusion when it is only partially visible.

The Day/night clock is suitable for use in any situation.

This clock is a discrete way to help keep track of the days

Becoming disorientated to the phase of the day and/or the day of the week can be embarrassing at best, and genuinely dangerous at worst – imagine going out at 3am in the winter months because you believe it’s 3pm! It’s a remarkably easy mistake to make when you have a Dementia, but one that can have dire consequences. The Analogue Day Clock is extremely easy to understand and will help to prevent some of the serious issues caused by this type of disorientation.

This clock is a discrete way to help keep track of the days

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