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Book of the Month: What the hell happened to my brain? Living beyond dementia. by Kate Swaffer

I am so pleased to announce this wonderful book as 'Book of the Month' for February.

Kate Swaffer's latest book boasts forewords by Dr Richard Taylor, Glenn Rees, AM and Dr Shibley Rahman.

Kate explains what it is like for her to live with a dementia from the experiences pre-diagnosis of memory difficulties and loss of independence, and how this affected her family.

She tells of her battle against what she describes as 'prescribed disengagement' when she was diagnosed and describes ways to include and empower people with dementia.

This book is engaging and easy to read. 'Before being diagnosed with younger onset dementia, Kate Swaffer loved to study, to learn, to be of service to others. Now living with dementia, she has not changed in these respects whatsoever. Her wonderfully illuminating book should be required reading for people and families living with dementia.'- Steven R. Sabat, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Kate's insight into what it is like to live with dementia and the wide range of topics she covers, such as the myths, the stigma, the children of people with dementia and living with loneliness and guilt, make this a must read for anyone working in health and social care.

This book has to be described as the ultimate example of 'living well with dementia' as Kate describes how through writing it she has discovered more about herself.

Buy your copy now from Jessica Kingsley Publications

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