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Blogging at 107 shows the internet isn’t just for 20-something influencers

Editor in Chief at Move on Magazine owner at D&A Publishing
Dorothea Haeusler

Social media influencers in their 20s may have some unexpected competition, as blogs, tweets and Instagram accounts from older generations have started to amass significant numbers of likes and followings.  

According to data collected by Sysomos, bloggers aged 51 years and older account for 7.1% of the blogosphere. Considering that in 2019, there’s an estimated 505 million blogs online, that’s no small number. The male to female ratio of bloggers is surprisingly balanced, with women penning 50.9 percent of posts, compared to 49.1 percent being typed up by men.

The motivation behind starting a blog is often to promote a business or product, secure some extra income or become an online celebrity. There’s merit, however, in sharing advice and a therapeutic element to putting thoughts and feelings out in to the ether. As life changes occur, loneliness and isolation is a very real element of life as a senior citizen. A social media or internet presence may well be a solution. 

Joyce Williams aka Grandma Williams started blogging at 80 and also has a Twitter Account @JoyceWilliams_,

where she describes herself as Former Physio now 84 loving the fun & nonsense of being ancient and positively enjoying life's later years. Anti Ageism of course. Joyce has a wonderful outlook on life and shares it beautifully in her blogs. She has been recognised at UK Blog Awards and has also been interviewed on This Morning by Philip and Holly, talking about positive aging. Take a look at her contribution to our blog Are you a blogger?

Dagny Carlson - Blogging at 107 years old.

Swedish blogger centenarian Dagny Carlsson, the oldest blogger in the world, turned 107 this year. Dagny learned how to use a computer at 99 years of age.

Today, her blog dishes out sage advice, detailed observations and reflections on societal changes, all of which is eagerly absorbed by her international following. Dagny is also no stranger to YouTube where she gives life advice such as "Stop whining and get a grip!" which can be watched with English subtitles.

Editor in Chief for Move On magazine, Dorothea Haeusler said many older people shun the internet because of privacy issues, and also not realising its potential.

“The internet is nothing to be scared of – it’s a tool that can enhance your social life, help you tick jobs off your list, and give you a whole new insight into the world. It’s a way to find new friends, have your opinions heard and share your life experiences,” she said. 

“If you’re not sure of how to use the internet, ask a friend or family member, or investigate classes in your local area. Dagny Carlsson and the other silver surfers are a true inspiration, showing how the internet is for everyone. It’s up to each individual to make it work for them,” said Dot. 

For more information and advice on discovering how the internet can enhance your life and the lives of residents you support, pick up a copy of Move On magazine, which is available at

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