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Before it's time to go...

Before its time to go

My beating heart is still as strong, Though my mind is closing down, The blood still runs through my veins, As my memories start to drown, I`m still here, I`m still me, Is all I want to say, Even though I get lost more Each and every day, A vacant look from these eyes, If only for a second Doesn't mean it says to all My end of life is beckoned, I still hear, I still see, I still fear for my life, What will happen when I am gone, To my children and my wife, I am not an empty shell, I`m still me inside, Even though I shed silent tears, And my fears I hide, So PLEASE will you look this way, And remember me, As I was, not as I am now, And you will plainly see The same young guy standing here, From all those years ago, So we can spend more happy times, Before its time to go

Norrms Diagnosed with dementia and fighting it daily these days

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