Are you prepared for May?

Ideally, you will have planned any big events you have coming up in May. You will need to have booked your entertainers and sent your invitations to the Mayor, as well as any local newspaper and local radio reporters.

This month has lots of links for activities and we have pages for our members to access for more inspiration and information to help with further activities.

May is;

Local & Community History Month

National Share-a-Story Month

National Smile Month - perfect for our new #hashtag #happycarehome

Visit the Calendar page for the full month of May. We have flagged up our Members Only pages with our Members banner. Other images may link through to official pages - you do not need to be a member to access these links.

Some dates that caught our eye are;

May Day for celebrating together with a flower theme - including ideas for a rather special afternoon tea.

National Gardening Week time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Well Dressing which takes place through May - September.

Dementia Action Week

Red Lippy Day #redlippyday

Bank Holidays

It's easy to become a member of Bright Copper Kettles and it only costs £30 for 12 months access.

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