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An Honest Look Through the Eyes That See

Hello, my name is Norrms Mc Namara (UK) and i was diagnosed with dementia 8 years ago aged just 50. Since then i have gone on to be the founder of the Global Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign website

Last week I was interviewed via Skype by someone in the USA about my dementia and new book. The interview went really well and I am hoping this will now be shared by many. He himself has read the book, given a very favorable review. We talked about the book and why I have also included poems and blogs as well as advice to help those JUST diagnosed , living with a diagnosis and also Carers / loved ones in the book, my reply was Dementia affects everybody and anybody, I wanted the book to include as many as possible, those who follow blogs, those who love poetry, those who need help in the early days and also those who need help during this illness. i also wanted it to be value for money, not all different books about different subjects and I hope it works this way. One of the biggest compliments I have received was from a lady who said as she was reading it it felt like I was "Sitting next to her having a chat"" Thats just the way I wanted it to come across, so I am so pleased with that, This is the review my "Interviewer " gave me, and if you would like to share this with care groups, care companies, dementia pages, dementia groups, all your contacts both on here and other social media places, just anybody who YOU think it may help, and also put it on your website please do, Much love, Norrms and family

In The Lewy Body Soldier you get to know Norrm Mc Namara as a man, a poet, and a force of nature. Through his poems and his prose you will experience his sensitive and caring heart. You will feel his unrelenting drive, focus, and ambition that were needed to carry the Purple Angel from a doodle on a page to a worldwide symbol of hope. You will learn the history of the symbol and of the man. You will become educated, encouraged, touched and saddened. But you will also be bolstered to pick yourself up and inspired to go make the difference you can make in this world we share. Although Norrms has many distinctions and achievements, his words and his actions are not for himself but for the benefit of others. He is not a shameless self-promoter. He is not focused on how his works can enhance his status or line his pockets. He is a true soul with a clear heart. His heart is one of service. His motive is his mission. And his mission is to make the world better for anyone who has dementia. He describes the depression he suffered due to his diagnosis as a “concrete overcoat.” Through his words, in his story, we see how his drive, his purpose, and his unstoppable spirit chisels cracks in that concrete overcoat allowing his (purple) angel wings to spread. For those searching for meaning and insight into the disease of Lewy Bodies, I would encourage you to read this book. For those who want to know what impact this disease has on the people who have it, this book is for you. For those who think this fight is for others and there is nothing you can do to combat the effects of cognitive conditions, The Lewy Body Soldier will leave you uplifted, inspired, and ready to play your part in crafting a better, brighter new day. New Book on Dementia THE LEWY BODY SOLDIER Written from the heart by someone LIVING WITH DEMENTIA

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