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5 questions Activity Coordinators should ask before you accept that care home job.

1. “How many ACs do you employ?” You can’t work 25/7 so find out if there is cover when you are not there. What happens at weekends? In the evenings? When you are on holiday? Some companies employ part-time ACs to ensure all round cover. You may be expected to work around each other’s holidays and you may need to work together for bigger events. 2. “Are carers supportive/involved in activities?” You will need to know what the company’s view is about this. You will never get carers involved if the management don’t support, or allow them to. 3. “What is the weekly/monthly budget for activities?” Some enthusiastic ACs have some brilliant ideas (and these may even be part of the reason they are employed) only to find that they can’t do anything until they have raised the funds to pay for it. Others struggle with budgets that are too small, with companies that won’t allow fundraising. You don’t want to end up out of pocket just to make your life easier, - believe me, this happens (a lot!) 4. “Does the home arrange for regular activity providers to attend?” An armchair exercise provider or reminiscence therapist, musical entertainers, etc. all add that extra ‘something’ to your Activities Calendar. Ensure that the budget will cover these costs. 5. “Does the home arrange special trips out, such as a river boat trip, day out at the zoo, day at the seaside, etc. and/or outreach activities.” Be clear about who is expected to organise these and whether carers are keen attendees.

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