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Supercentenarian Margaret celebrates 111th Birthday at Priory Court Care & Nursing Home

Staff and residents celebrated the 111th birthday of supercentenarian resident

Margaret Reed at Priory Court Care and Nursing home this week.

Margaret is listed as the seventh oldest person in Britain and the oldest Irish person residing in the United Kingdom. She has lived at Priory Court since 2015.

Staff at the Burnham-on-sea care home threw a tea party to mark Margaret’s remarkable milestone birthday. Margaret enjoyed a beautiful birthday cake from her family and enjoyed looking at her card from Her Majesty The Queen congratulating her on her birthday.

“111 years old is a truly extraordinary milestone to reach and we wish Margaret a very happy birthday from all of us at Priory Court” said Home Manager Vimal Samuel “Margaret has lived at Priory Court for 6 years and is very much part of the family here. She is a remarkable lady, very independent and an inspiration to us all.”

When asked her secret for living to such a great age and looking amazing at 111 years old Margaret replied, “No drinking alcohol, plenty of fresh air, keeping busy and my religious beliefs”.

Margaret was one of the oldest people to receive her first Coivid-19 vaccination in December 2020.

Born on 20th April 1910 in Ireland, Margaret was one of nine children. During World War II she was part of the royal air force at Farnborough, where she served in a secret establishment. After she married, she moved to Cornwall and had one child named David. She and her husband had a farm and she used to grow primroses to box up and send to London on the train for the Flower Markets.

For more information about Priory Court Care and Nursing Home please contact Home Manager

Vimal Samuel on 01278 768000 or email


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