Music and Wellbeing

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We’re working collaboratively with BBC Music Day to help bring music to everyone in the UK living with dementia by 2020, using BBC Music Day as a platform


The fifth BBC Music Day takes place on Thursday 26th September with events and broadcasts across the week.

The theme this year is music and wellbeing; the power of music to inspire, to bring us together and make a positive impact.

We kick started our part of the project with a request for donations of FREE sessions for care homes for our subscribers.  Our awesome musical friends weren't shy in coming forward and we've had some brilliant donations.

Here's our first wave of successful care homes who will be enjoying a FREE musical session during the week commencing 23rd September 2019.

  1. Catherine Goldsmith, Independent Lives - thanks to Kirstie Davidson, Music for Health Worthing

  2. Michael Butler, Hollyfields Care Home - thanks to Ellie Snowden, Musical Moments South Birmingham & Solihull

  3. Woodcroft Care Home - thanks to Eve Whitmore, Kiddleydivey Shropshire, Mid Wales & Wolverhampton

  4. Stephanie Peel, Lawton Rise Care Home - thanks to Vicky Thornton, Musical Moments Stoke, Crewe and Nantwich

  5. Helen Steward, St Jude's Nursing Home - thanks to Beth Coram, Musical Moments East Surrey

  6. Nicola Newman, Broomhills Care Home - thanks to Maddie Cordes, Maddie4Music

  7. Mandi Sibley, Hartfield House - thanks to Julie Latham, Boogie Beat music and movement Banstead and East Surrey

  8. Louise Arnold, Cornerways Residential Home - thanks to Carole Laine, Cat's Pyjamas Productions

  9. Jaine Spain, Burnworthy House - thanks to Becky, Kiddleydivey Wessex

  10. Gayle Rowley, Linear Park Residential Care Home - thanks to Louise, Kiddleydivey Liverpool

  11. Lyndsey Darnell, Thomas Fields Care Home - thanks to Ann, Musical Moments Stockport .Tameside

  12. Pauline Lavery, Railway Lodge Care Home  - thanks to Jackie, Boogie Beat Music and Movement Lisburn and South Belfast

  13. Tracy Hannible, The Lakes Care Centre - thanks to Kathryn, Kiddleydivey Manchester

  14. Megan Hill, Kings Manor Care Home - thanks to Kate, Musica Music, Devon

  15. Lucia Lock, The Grange Care Centre - thanks to Emma, Boogie Beat Music and Movement Cheltenham

  16. Lynn Saunders, Malmesbury Lawn Care Home - thanks to Vicki, Boogie Beat Music and Movement Southsea

  17. Mandy Rowlands, Locks Wood Day Centre - thanks to Marianne Smith Accordian

  18. Tracey Parker, Abbots Wood Court - thanks to Eddie Cole, Valley Voice

  19. Kim Richardson, Highbury Care Home - thanks to Rachael Hickson, Boogie Beat Music & Movement Preston & Fylde

  20. Michele Hoy, Buddleia House - thanks to Jilli, Musical Moments North Nottingham and Derbyshire

  21. Sally May, Brookfeld Care Home - thanks to Lee Wilkinson Ents.

  22. Anne Ellis, Winash Care Home - thanks to Fran, Boogie Beat Music & Movement 

  23. Emma Carter, Abbey Court Care Home - thanks to Caroline Hissey, Boogie Beat Music & Movement Staffordshire

  24. Alison Edwards, The Hawthorns Care Home - thanks to Emma, Boogie Beat Music and Movement Cheltenham

  25. Jenni Mack, Craigielea Care Home - thanks to Carole Laine, Cat's Pyjamas Productions

  26. Kathleen Crymble, Kingsgate Care Home - thanks to Nicola,  Boogie Beat Music and Movement Lanarkshire

  27. Hayley Ross, Age Uk Hythe & Lyminge - thanks to Maddie Cordes, Maddie4Music

  28. Julie McGlough, The Grange Care Home - thanks to Becky Demaine for her variety show

  29. Aisling Harrison, Tendring Meadows - thanks to Nigel Woodmason for his 50s/60s set

  30. Jenny Spencer Whittington House - thanks to Mark Sweeting - Silent Disco

  31. Susan Bell, The Lodge Care Home - thanks to Becky Demaine for her variety show

  32. Lidia, Cheriton House - thanks to Alyson, Kiddleydivey Bath

  33. Lucie Richardson, South Moor Lodge - thanks to Keeley Callimari, Keeley Vocals

  34. Sarah Speller, Westlands Care Home - thanks to Eleanor Mattley Productions

  35. Danielle Aikenhead, De Brook Lodge - thanks to Jan, Kiddleydivey Manchester East & South

  36. Collette Senior, Ashworth Grange - thanks to Carole Laine, Cat's Pyjamas Productions

  37. Sarah Day, Longmoor Lodge - thanks to Eleanor Mattley Productions

  38. Carol Preddy, Bramble Down Nursing Home - thanks to Kate, Musica Music, Devon

  39. Lydia Brett, Park View Care Home - thanks to Meina, Kiddleydivey Bromley

  40. Susan Gray, Rubislaw Park Care Home - thanks to Carole Laine, Cat's Pyjamas Productions

  41. Kim Richardson, Ambassador Care Home - thanks to Rachael Hickson, Boogie Beat Music & Movement Preston & Fylde

  42. Charlotte Leyland, Sandtoft Residential Home - thanks to Jess,  Kiddleydivey Wirral & Chester 

  43. Barbara Snook, St Aidan Lodge - thanks to Abbie Brown, Boogie Beat Music & Movement County Durham

  44. Christina Ferreira, Picktree Court - thanks to Abbie, Boogie Beat Music & Movement County Durham

  45. Kelly Goddard, Signature House - thanks to Rosie, Music Dorset

  46. Shane Broomfield, Birdshill Nursing Home - thanks to Rosie, Music Dorset

  47. Charlotte Leyland, Sandtoft Residential Home - thanks to Jess, Kiddleydivey Wirral, Cheshire West & North Wales - Adults

Becki Short is celebrating with a couple of sessions during the week commencing 23rd September:

Shedfield Lodge on 24th September

& an open session (anyone welcome) Wednesday 25th September 

Music for the Mind session at Merchistoun Hall in Horndean in association with OmniArts GB and Home Instead Havant.

Geoff Gill is also celebrating during the week perfoming as The Quiet Man

- The Old Garrison, Shoeburyness - raising funds for Care Home Entertainment Fund (CHEF)

& Lynwood Special Needs (to add to a special birthday celebrations)

*** Thank you to everyone that applied to take part in this fantastic project - so sorry that we couldn't involve everyone! ***