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Recreation & Leisure


Participation in Recreation & Leisure is essential for well-being.  People with dementia are often reliant on others to support their access and participation to activities which interest and stimulate them, which is why it is important that carers are aware; what these activities are, and how to include them as part of a care package.

Being aware of upcoming dates helps when organising relevant activities.  For some people this helps them to feel connected with everyday life, for others it promotes opportunities for reminiscence of special dates in their past.

Using special dates which are celebrated nationally can also improve involvement from families and friends who can relate to these links.

Professional entertainment can help take the pressure of staff a little bit, but most importantly, experienced entertainers offer high quality activities.

A huge variety of activities is important for every care home.


Who should be responsible for providing Recreation & Leisure opportunities in care homes?

Ultimately, the Activities Co-ordinator (or Recreation & Leisure Organiser) is responsible for finding out what interests each person living in the home.  They should then ensure that other members of staff are aware of these interests and discuss with them how they can support Activities of Daily Living (ADL) during their time at work.

Further to this, the AC is responsible for organising group activities and outings, etc.

Places offering suitable facilities for outings aren't always easy to find. Here, I hope to include a number of options of places to go.  


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