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When can I start Christmas Activities?

The shops are clearly heading into the Christmas Season with Christmas decorations on sale and shelves filled with all those Christmas goodies at reduced prices. (You know if you buy them now you will have to replace at full price nearer the time because you've eaten them.)

Don't be fooled into thinking that it's already Christmastide, it's almost 3 months away - ask any 8 year old and they'll tell you 3 months is a long time to wait! Our seniors rarely want 3 months of Christmas celebrations or themed activities.

We recommend planning activities approximately 3 months in advance. Loosely planning themes for your calendar will give you some structure to each month and will help with budgeting for decorations and entertainment as well as booking appropriate trips. It will also give you time to involve your residents with your planning stages to ensure that their interests are covered each month too.

Christmas is no different, although booking entertainers should be done as early as possible for all main calendar events as they often get very busy. Planning in with your local school(s), dementia choir, Salvation Army band etc., needs to be done now if you haven't done it already. Likewise, decide on date for your Christmas Coffee & Mince Pies Morning, Christmas Sale and Christmas Party and rally up your organisers ASAP.

Our members have access to special December dates and Christmas ideas now and other activity ideas for December will be following on this week. This month is all about getting organised, so you can hold your meetings for planning and find out what your residents would like to do for Christmas, but don't start on your Christmas crafts just yet.

We suggest mid November to start with Christmas Card making, or early next month if you're making them to sell. If your organisers (residents) tell you that they need to start making now, then help them to get together what they need, they may need a small space to gather together, but try not to do this in the main lounges as your main activities if possible.

There are plenty of things to do in October and lots of Autumn themed activities too, so make the most of this season while you can.

Christmas themed crafts, games and quizzes are best left until December.

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