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What's in your Spam?

Photograph courtesy of Sarah Brooke

This week I have been trying to sort through my emails. I hate to admit it, but my inbox has become unmanageable and I found that my unread emails boasted 1,000+ ( arrgh!). You know the type of thing - interesting newsletters that I'll read later - (but never got around to)

I set to and I'm slowly whittling it down. The emails that I need to keep/go through later, are now being put in order with labels to define them, so that I can go through them as a topic or target from my 'to do' list.

I highly recommend doing this, it's very rewarding and can make you feel slight heady with accomplishment.

A file for outside entertainers, a file for your volunteers, a file for your family members and a file for your special events, training opportunities... these will all make your life easier.

Oh, and don't forget your file for Bright Copper Kettles too!

My biggest 'wow!' though, was what was in my Spam box. Yes, I've received the occasional email to buy really helpful stuff for body parts I don't have and lovely invitations to visit certain females who are on the verge of.... - yes Google, thank you, these are indeed SPAM and no, I don't want them in my inbox and it's great that you will delete them in 30 days.

But wait, I spotted dozens of emails that, well they were quite interesting, invitations to care exhibits, invitations to talk about Bright Copper Kettles some great ideas for activities and requests for advertising information - if any of these came from you, please accept my apologies, and if I've ignored your email before it was deleted, I am so sorry - I really didn't mean to ignore you.

I have rescued the emails that were still sitting there waiting to be deleted, I have popped them into their correct files, I have even replied to a couple today. But, most importantly, I marked them as 'NOT SPAM' and I have added the sender's email address to my contacts list - and I've added 'Check Spam' to my weekly 'to do' list.

Make sure you don't miss the important 'stuff' follow my lead and check your SPAM files. It's not great having to sift through all the 'ugly mail' but it can really be worth it.

If you have paid out for Membership for Bright Copper Kettles, or anywhere else, don't miss your updates, offers and newsletters. We get notified each month that some of our emails 'bounced', which means we ended up in a SPAM box somewhere - please check that we are on your contact list.

And if you find your newsletter in your SPAM box, please mark it as NOT SPAM so your email server doesn't put us in there again- it's a dark and lonely place in there!

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