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The Power Of A Memory Care Store Key Fob

Alice is a caregiver to her mother Beatrice who has dementia. Alice reflects on the number of difficulties they have faced throughout the years and wanted to share their amazing experience with Memory Care Store’s key fobs. Alice hopes to inspire anyone who is touched by dementia to hopefully make their lives a little easier.

Alice’s mother Beatrice worked as an English tutor until she retired in September 2008 at the age of 70. Beatrice absolutely loved being a tutor and would often say that helping students from different walks of life achieve their goals gave her a sense of purpose. Beatrice was known to be a very organised and punctual person by friends and family.

However, a few months into her retirement, Beatrice started to exhibit some behavioural changes that concerned her daughter. Alice recalls it becoming increasingly difficult to make plans with her mother because Beatrice started to forget what days they had plans and where she was going. Beatrice also started to forget other things as well.

She would frequently mix up the keys to her house and the keys to her car. Beatrice would commonly grab the wrong set of keys, forget where she was going and end up staying in her house all day.

By January 2009, Beatrice had been diagnosed with Dementia and Alice started researching products that would assist her mother is completing everyday tasks. Alice came across the Memory Care Store’s range of dementia friendly products and ordered some key fobs. She hoped that the key fobs would help Beatrice distinguish one key from another and also help her remember what she was doing. The key fobs did just that. Alice states, “The key fobs are brilliant because they are easy to find and read but they also help my mum remember things.

She might grab her keys, forget where she was going and look down at her key fob that reads ‘garage’ and remember she was going to the garage to get some milk from her fridge.”

Memory Care Store’s key fobs are expertly designed to include the use of symbols, colours and words. This durable product is easy to read and assists users in choosing the right key every time. This reduces the user’s level of stress, anxiety and confusion which allows them to live happier lives. The user’s ability to choose the right key also promotes self-confidence and safety.

Alice remembers feeling that caring for Beatrice was an impossible task as she seemed so confused and lost. Though the key fobs are just a small product they have made a huge, invaluable impact of their lives.

You can order your key fobs here.

This entry was first posted in Product Guides, Orientation on 18th October 2016 by Madison McCormack.

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