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The Fun Guardian: A Playful Guide for Activity Coordinators (part 2)

Being an Activity Coordinator is a challenging role.

It requires amplifying every aspect of life and ensuring that every resident is supported to be as independent and engaged as possible.

It involves lots of working behind the scenes.

Activity Coordinators need to get to know everything there is to know about each care home resident.

They need to work closely with other care home staff members, learning their strengths and how they can best support each resident.

Family members and regular visitors are important relationships too.

Many Activity Coordinators need to overcome any challenges of introversion, shyness and fear of making mistakes, every single day.

The best Activity Coordinators will have skills that they can put in place to enable them to start their working day with high energy, and vibration.

This enables them to energise others in the home.

Group activities are a great way to charge the energy.

Activity Coordinators are creative thinkers. They can find ways to breakdown group activities to foster inclusivity, whether in the group, in smaller numbers or with individuals.

Here are some more group activity ideas to bring the fun to your days!

Interactive Games Galore:

Games are a universal source of fun. Organise interactive game sessions such as trivia, bingo and classic board games.

The key is to encourage friendly competition and laughter.

Comedy Club Vibes:

Bring the comedy club experience to your care home. Arrange for stand-up comedy shows, humorous storytelling.

Encourage residents to share their own jokes. Laughter shared is laughter multiplied.

Outdoor Adventures:

Whenever possible, take the fun outdoors. Plan nature walks, picnics, gardening and other outdoor activities.

Fresh air, sunshine, and a change of scenery can elevate the enjoyment factor.

Tech-Savvy Fun:

Embrace technology for modern and tech-savvy fun.

Virtual reality experiences and online games (find that Wii that got shoved on a drawer when the novelty wore off).

Video calls with loved ones can add a contemporary touch to your activity repertoire.

Celebrate Unusual Holidays:

Dive into the world of quirky and unusual holidays.

From Winnie the Pooh Day to National Ice Cream Month, use these unique occasions as opportunities to create special and lighthearted activities.

The Bright Copper Kettles CIC membership will help immensely with implementing these into your activities schedule.

When you include interactive games, comedy club vibes, outdoor adventures, tech-savvy fun, and celebrations of unusual holidays, you'll create a care home environment where fun is not just an option but a daily necessity.

If you didnt catch part one of this blog post, here's the link;

Let the laughter flow, the games commence, and the creative spirit soar as you continue to be the ultimate purveyor of fun in your care home community!


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