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The Child in your Eyes

The Child in your Eyes

We all have that child in our eyes, we all see things sometimes through a child’s eye.

How many times have you had that “look in your eye lately,” That cheeky smile, that little wink here or there, or a giggle that’s so contagious?

We may feel old sometimes, our bones may ache, our memories fade and zest for life may waver,

but ………………..

How many times this year have you watched something and thought WOW!!

How many of you have swept your feet amongst the falling leaves in Autumn as you did as a child.

How many of you have caught a smell of something that takes you right back to days gone by.

How many of you listen to young ones talking and say to yourself “You didn’t invent it you know”?

How many of you still drink milk from the bottle, can’t resist kicking a can, or eating treacle toffee on Bonfire night

We ALL have that child in our eyes, in our heart, in fact, in our very being, we never really grow up, we just age with grace but with the knowledge that anytime, anywhere, any day, we can become that child again we once were, and have just as much fun as we once did

We never really lose that feeling or seeing things like that.

We ALL have that child in our eyes

Norrms Mc Namara

“The Hill is that much steeper these days

But the cry is still “Onwards and Upwards “

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