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The Activity Coordinator’s Calendar.

I have included a calendar on my website which is aimed at the AC. There are so many dates and events to choose from as a base for activities it is difficult to know what to include. I want to give you as much choice as possible, hopefully something will catch your imagination as something relevant for one or more of the people you care for. Other events are generic such as the seasons, Victory in Europe Day, Easter, Christmas, etc. or are they? Be aware that the people you care for may have different beliefs to those of your own. Perhaps you don’t follow these traditions or Christian festivals yourself. Discuss these issues with your manager and others that you work with, if it is the person(s) you care for that are effected then include them in the discussions. Find out if they are happy to be involved with all or some of the activities you are planning to include. If they prefer not to be in a room with a Christmas Tree and everyone pulling crackers then you will need to make other arrangements for them in areas that aren’t decorated for the occasion with activities they can enjoy with others so that they still feel included in the ‘family’.

Care homes and individuals are really pushing for dementia awareness events and I been including these too. Do try to get involved with these if you can, National Care Home Open Day on 19th June will be a great day for inviting relatives, friends and neighbours into your home. Tomorrow, 1st May, is Wear Red Lipstick Day raising awareness and funds for Dementia UK.

There are lots of other ‘National days’ and it is these that have been fun to research. Today is Honesty day, not included in this year’s calendar because (if I’m being totally honest) I didn’t know about it until today. I also have to admit that I omitted International Dance Day yesterday for the same reason. I love a good dance too! (Perhaps if we all do a little jig today …)

If you know of any days which you feel should be included on the calendar please do let me know. And if you have a favourite related activity I would love to hear about that too.

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