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Purple Angel Film - Kickstarter Campaign

We've filmed the rise of a grass routes dementia awareness campaign - the purple angel. Please pledge to support our post production!

Help finish the Official Purple Angel International Documentary Film by going to: Or go to and search: “Purple Angel” Levels of rewards for your contribution are listed on the page. For more on the Purple Angel project go to: The Purple Angel Film tells the story of how the Purple Angel program was started by Norms Mc Namara. In the film we meet Norms and his wife Elaine, as well as Jane Moore who created the symbol of the purple angel. Some fantastic Purple Angel Ambassadors are highlighted. Since this is an international effort, the film makers travel to the United State to interview Gary LeBlanc who has spearheaded the efforts to have this symbol adopted by hospitals in the United States. This official international documentary will become a valuable means to further this important world-wide program. We invite you to help support this effort and be part of finishing the film!

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