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Purple Angel Dementia campaign reaches China

On Nov 17th 2015 The Global Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign will be launched in China. If I had the words to express how BIG and historic this is for all those concerned I would say them, but I haven’t. But what I will say is this, this, and all the other things we have achieved in just TWO YEARS around the Globe is all because of YOUR HARD WORK and DEDICATION!! Make no mistake, this hasn’t happened by accident, this is not just a coincidence, this is because all Purple Angel ambassadors and supporters have worked tirelessly in raising awareness around the WORLD about this disease and helped to open memory cafes, support groups, hospital wristbands, GPS devices, Holidays, MP3`s, Purple Cities alliances and so so much more. All around the world are so very grateful for all you do and continue to do, including my family and I .

A huge thank you also to Bromme Hampton Cole who took the purple Angel to heart and will be launching it in China on the 17th Nov, and of course NEVER forgetting my Right hand person and Co Founder Jane Moore for ALL her hard work.

I salute each and every one of you

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