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Maisie's going skydiving

I was thrilled to hear from my daughter Maisie last week, when she announced she was going skydiving. Okay, yes I was a little bit shocked, and yes, a little bit scared (I'm not one for going skydiving myself).

But I was so proud of her when she explained that she was raising money for Alzheimer's Society and had set up a page for fundraising in her great grandmother's name.

Peggy Gilbert is the reason Bright Copper Kettles CIC began. It was her story which taught me about dementia and also about the need for more information and inspiration for supporting care home activities.

Maisie has set to work with her fundraising, and has already raised £180 as I write, thanks to the generosity of friends and family and one anonymous supporter.

But she needs to raise more, just to secure her place.

And I know she would love to raise a significant amount for the charity.

It would be fantastic to see her crash through that glass ceiling of £1000 and I'm therefore asking for your help.

If you would like to donate to Alzheimer's Society through Maisie's Just Giving fundraising page that would be really appreciated by her, me and Alzheimer's Society.

However small your gift, know that it goes towards a single goal of making life easier for those living with a dementia diagnosis, and their loved ones.

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