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Let’s Get Tongues Wagging - Hairdressing Salon - A time to chat ...

It’s been wonderful to be part of the many creative achievements in residential care homes over the past few years, either following a manager’s enthusiasm and specific theme or designing nostalgic rooms or fitting interactive displays into unused spaces or dull corners.

The Hairdressing Salon is popular of course. We all like to have our ‘hair done’, even the gents - and as we know, the hairdresser’s salon is usually bright with activity and chatter.

So why not make a morning of it ... Use this environment to the best advantage and add social prompt materials and related meaningful wall art to help engage and entertain people, especially those people living with dementia. Nostalgic materials can prompt the long term memory and before we know it, we hear residents reminiscing, sharing stories and enhancing their own sense of well-being.

Other ideas:

*Serve refreshments

*Add some meaningful wall art: Faces we know or 1950s/60s Beauty or fashion styles

*Add 1950s/60s or 70s style: coffee table and chairs, radio, magazines to engage people whilst waiting for their hair to be done and provide materials for carers, relatives or visitors to share and enjoy

*Provide a trolley with varied and different sized rollers for residents to touch, sort, count. [Available at]

*Happy Days Themed Memory Box: ‘Powder Room’, is bursting with curlers, pamper materials and tactile objects; memorabilia, postcards and photographs to share

*Happy Days ‘Time to Chat’ conversation prompt cards are laminated - wipe clean and easily stored on a clip ring to hang up in a prominent place and prompt interaction

*Engage volunteers to prompt and share conversations with hair salon clients [residents]

*Send a flyer to local houses, community centres, newsagents, hairdressers, barber shops or food stores to locate volunteers willing to visit and engage in conversations with residents. [Check with company procedures re: CRC checks]

*Happy Days wall art collections include colourful images: 1960s hairdressing salon, Woman’s Realm, Max Factor, Fashion, Brylcreem More at

*Replica Coronation and WWII newspapers create interesting reading material and ideal for prompting conversations

*1950s - 1960s - 1970s Robert Opie books are full of bright and interesting brand images to enjoy. [please note, these are large books and may need a table top to view]

*If you don’t have a specific hairdressing salon, choose a sizeable room which has a space for a themed display or usage: Library corner / Sewing Corner / Gents Fix-it.

Happy Days Publishing Ltd 2016

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