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Jelly Drops: hydrating sweets for those living with dementia

Jelly Drops are almost here! - blog - Bright Copper Kettles CIC

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog: Jelly Drops™ are coming.

Jelly Drops are hydrating sweets designed to enable people with dementia to hydrate more often and independently.

Following trials with incredible results, Jelly Drops will soon be available to individuals across the UK. After 18 months of development the team behind the production are excited to bring these fabulous Water Sweets to the care sector with their mission to improve the lives of those affected by dementia.

Lewis Hornby, founder, designed Jelly Drops after his Grandma Pat was unexpectedly rushed to hospital with severe dehydration. Videos of the story have been viewed over 200 million times and there is now a huge waiting list of 50,000 people from across the world.

Since trials began the testimonies have been flooding in:

"They (Jelly Drops) have been a total success and I have a lot of relieved carers because the residents are getting fluids"

"Recently Grandma’s condition has declined and she has begun to refuse to drink. They are a massive hit with my Nan and she is now eating a box a day which is fantastic!!"

"My dad doesn't eat very much these days but he really enjoyed his Jelly Drops and even offered me one and he doesn't communicate very much anymore"

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