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January is Hot Tea Month

Hmmm... Hot tea!

We Brits really don't need any excuses for drinking more hot tea, let's face it we've probably used them all.

Traditionally, a good old cup of English Breakfast Tea has been used to cure all ailments, blow away the blues and create the perfect setting for friendly natter.

We need to re-connect with these values when serving tea to our elders in care home environments.

We need to understand what that cup of tea represents for each of them. What time of day do they really cherish their favourite cuppa - and which is their favourite?

Try a variety of brands, which do they prefer?

Tea tasting sessions can be lots of fun, they will also help you to determine some likes and dislikes of your residents. And, of course, they offer a great opportunity to keep hydrated.

Try a variety of types of Black Teas, you might like to try some White Teas too (less caffeine in these)

And what about Herbal Teas and Fruit Teas?

Which of these tasting sessions do your residents enjoy the most?

Another important aspect is your tea drinking environment. This month we are offering our brand new course The Afternoon Tea Project. This will help you to implement any necessary practice changes in your care home. To find out more click here.

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