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Hanover and Anchor, two organisations specialising in housing, care and support services to older pe

Under the proposals, the two organisations would come together as the Anchor Hanover Group.

In a joint statement, Anchor Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft CBE and Hanover Chief Executive Dame Clare Tickell said:

“People can look forward to living longer than ever before. More specialist housing and care will be needed going forwards, with new types of services.

"At Hanover and Anchor, we understand these changing needs. We have ambitious plans and want to provide more services, driven by the needs and aspirations of the growing number of older people.

"A new, bigger organisation has the potential to provide the best value-for-money services for our customers now and in the future. It would also enable us to offer better career options for colleagues, and help us attract and retain great people.

“Crucially, a single, bigger organisation could build more properties for older people than we could remaining as separate organisations. This could include social rented, shared ownership and outright sale new homes.”

Anchor Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft CBE is Chief Executive Designate of the new organisation. The Chair designate is Dr Stuart Burgess CBE, currently Chair of Hanover.

Anchor chair Pamela Chesters CBE had already announced last year that it was her intention to stand down from Anchor’s Board. Dame Clare chose not to pursue the Chief Executive role for the new organisation, should the merger proceed, as she believes the timing is right for a change, and to take up other opportunities.

The Shadow Non-Executive Board has been chosen for proposed Anchor Hanover Group and consists of 10 members spread equally from Anchor and Hanover.

Shadow Non-Executive Board chosen for proposed Anchor Hanover Group

In addition to its housing to rent and to buy and extra-care services, the new organisation would continue to be a major provider of residential care to older people.

The organisations are now seeking feedback from customers and stakeholders and hope to report back in the late summer/autumn.

The formal consultation process on the proposed merger has now ended and customers can find more information about the proposed merger - click here.

More information about the consultation can be found here

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