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How to use Essential oils with your face mask.

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Bright Copper Kettles CIC guest blogger, Helen Buckley, Revive All.
Helen Buckley, Revive All

Guest post written by Helen Buckley, Revive All

The wearing of face masks has become a daily experience for most of us.

While they are encouraged to reduce the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19 some people find them uncomfortable.

To make the experience more pleasant and to utilise the powerful properties of essential oils it is possible to use them when using your mask.

Essential oils work best on cloth masks. It is possible to purchase reusable cloth masks from a variety of outlets.

The main point is to remember to wash after each use and to wash your hands before using a freshly cleaned mask.

Some of my favourite essential oils are as follows;

Peppermint – offers an uplifting scent that helps with focus and energy. It helps to open airways and is one of my favourite antibacterial essential oils.

Lemon – is another uplifting and happy essential oil. It is energising and motivating.

Bergamot – It’s one of my favourites as an uplifting, energising and pleasant smell.

To use an essential oil in your mask you will first need a carrier oil. I tend to use fractionated coconut oil as it is light and has no smell.

A further oil it is possible to use is grapeseed oil, a general good all-purpose carrier oil and reasonably light.

For further information on carrier oils please see the free downloads at

You will then need a 5ml or 10ml bottle in which to mix your essential oil and carrier oil.

Add the number of drops of essential oil into the bottle as shown in the diagram below and top up with carrier oil.

When you need to add some of your blend to your mask add 3 – 5 drops onto the outside hem of your mask.

This reduces possible irritation of essential oils coming into contact with your skin and it reduces the essential oils breaking down the fibres in your face mask and making it less effective.

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