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Everyday activities everyday.

I went to one care home recently where one of the new residents spends nearly all day outside wiping down the windows and paintwork with a damp cloth. It appears to be something he has always done. He is not happy inside doing nothing.

Another home I went to a while ago a lady kept fidgeting and wanting to walk around while I was entertaining them with some music, so I sat her down at a table and gave her one or two of the napkins off the other tables and asked her to fold them for me. This she enjoyed and spent over half an hour doing.

Activities don’t always have to be just music or creative ones they can be the everyday things that they used to do that they want to still do.

Laying tables, dusting, folding clothes, sorting socks into pairs, mixing ingredients in a bowl, winding wool into balls, sorting buttons into colours or sizes, cleaning shoes. The list is endless.

People like to feel they are contributing in whatever way they can. Most of these can be group activities, they can also sing along to a bit of music while they work.

Tip: The televisions should be turned off for these activities as they require 2 senses whereas music only needs one.

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