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Entertainer Spotlight - Angela Hoffkin

This week the spotlight is shining on Angela Hoffkin who joined the online Entertainment Directory this week.

Angela has been entertaining care home residents since 2014, playing her portable Yamaha keyboard. It has an excellent piano sound, as well as different instruments such as trumpet, strings, and church organ. It also has a range of different beats.

Angela is also happy to play an acoustic piano if there is one available.

She plays a range of popular songs, mostly from the 1940s-1980s by artists such as Elvis, The Beatles and Roy Orbison.

She also plays songs from musicals such as My Fair Lady and South Pacific, as well as church hymns and classical music.

Angela finds the care home performances to be very rewarding.

She loves to hear from the residents that the songs have brought back happy memories of their childhood, weddings, and raising their own families.

Some of the residents also share stories about having piano lessons as a child, and join Angela for a tinker on the piano.

You'll find Angela listed on the County Durham page as Angela's Piano Entertainment

It costs £39* for the year to be listed in the online entertainment directory, if you'd like to be listed click here

*per county


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