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When do your Christmas Decorations come down?

The honest answer to this is...

it depends.

You will need to discuss this with your residents and, possibly, their family members to find the answers.

Take onto account each individual - especially when considering their personal room decorations.

Consider who has Christmas Decorations in their personal rooms.

Are they superstitious?

Some consider it bad luck to leave the decorations up past Twelfth Night.

Are they Christian?

Church of England or Catholic - or another denomination?

It is usual for the decorations and the Christmas tree to come down on 5th January for those following the Church of England faith and 6th January for Catholics.

Do you have any residents who seem annoyed by, or worried about the decorations still being up?

Many people, particularly those living with dementia can find the presence of Christmas Decorations stressful.

Some may enquire "Is it nearly Christmas?"

Others may feel stressed that Christmas is over and they don't want to experience bad luck because the decorations have been left up too long.

Some residents may feel the decorations a nuisance, they want to get on with tidying up, polishing the surfaces and hoovering the floor.

Whatever the issue, help relieve their anxiety and stress by taking their personal decorations down today and some, if not all, of the decorations from your shared living areas too.

As with every other care home activity, it is the individual people we care for that should lead the decision making.

Let us know when your Christmas Decorations come down and why you chose this date.

Activity ideas for Twelfth Night and Epiphany, are included in the SILVER MEMBERSHIP

This Activity Pack comes as a 14 page, digital download.ááaaa


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